Budapest, Hungary
9-10 November 2017

Need to Know VII: The Hidden Hand of Intelligence
International Conference

Invited to speak by the Institute of National Remembrance (Poland), Hungarian Committee of National Remembrance, and the Centre for Cold War Studies at the University of Southern Denmark

Presenting: Intelligence services, front groups, and the Religious Cold War in Eastern Europe: The case of the “Commission for the Persecuted Church”

University of Notre Dame
Rome, Italy
22-24 November 2017

Historicizing Violence: The Contested Histories of Present Day Conflict
International Conference

Invited to speak by the Centre for the History of Violence at the University of Newcastle, Australia

Presenting: Towards a Critical History of Terrorist Violence

Zurich, Switzerland
1 December 2017


Graz, Austria
9 June 2017

Sichtweisen auf Sicherheit in Geschichte und Gegenwart
25. ACIPSS Conference
Invited to speak by the Austrian Center for Intelligence, Propaganda & Security Studies (ACIPSS)
Presentation: Zwischen Konfrontation und Geheimdiplomatie: Die Schweiz und der Nahostterrorismus

London, UK
26 May 2017

Palestine Under Occupation: The Legitimation of Violence and the Violence of Legitimation
Conference at the School of Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary University
Invited to speak by Dr. Catherine Charrett and Dr. James Eastwood
Presentation: “Hamas is ISIS. ISIS is Hamas”: The historical emergence of terrorism narratives to legitimize anti-Palestinian violence

Rome/Vatican, Italy
22-26 March 2017

Conference Popes on the Rise! Mobilization, Media, and Political Power of the Modern Papacy
Invited to speak by the Center for Religion and Modernity, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität and Römisches Institut der Görres-Gesellschaft at Campo Santo Teutonico
Presentation: The Political Papacy in the Age of Transnational Mass Mobilization: The Case of the Commission pour l’Eglise Persécutée

Zagreb, Croatia
6-7 March 2017

Zagreb Security Forum 2017: Resilient Critical Infrastructure with focus on Energy, Water and Cyber
Invited by Dr. Gordan Akrap/the Zagreb Security Forum

Hamburg, Germany
23 September 2016

Verschwörungstheorien zwischen Glaube und Instrumentalisierung: Panel am 51. Deutschen Historikertag
Invited to speak by Dr. Helge Heidemeyer, Abteilungsleiter Bildung und Forschung, BStU Berlin and Dr. Douglas Selvage
Presentation: Verschwörungstheorien und Terrorismus: Der Masterplan des KGB zur Weltherrschaft

Newcastle, UK
15-16 August 2016

Annual BISA Critical Studies on Terrorism Working Group Conference:
Intersecting Critical Terrorism Studies and (Post)colonialism: Standards, Subjects and Spectacle
Invited to speak by the BISA Critical Studies on Terrorism Working Group
Presentation: The Prose of Counterinsurgency: Colonialist Knowledge in the War on Terror

Düsseldorf, Germany
6 August 2016

Attac-Sommerakademie 2016: Wissen, Aktion, Strategie – Für eine solidarische Welt
Invited to speak by Attac and the VSA-Verlag
Co-organization: Workshop “Wie Eliten Macht organisieren”

London, UK
16 March 2016

International History Research Seminar: Transnational Networks in the Cold War
Invited to speak by The London School of Economics and Political Science
Presenting: A Transnational History of the “Cercle Pinay”, 1952-1991

Washington, DC
20 January 2016

Seminar Untangling Russia’s Puzzle: Past Lessons and Future Outlook
Invited to speak by The Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies
Video from the presentation “The Myth of a New Cold War”

Leiden, the Netherlands
16 November 2015

Seminar “Le Cercle” in the Cold War: A Secret Space for Informal Diplomacy or Another Supper Club for Old White Men?
Invited to speak by the Institute for History at Leiden University

Vienna, Austria
20 November 2015

22. ACIPSS-Tagung Zum Terrorismus in Österreich: Erfahrung und Gefahr
Invited to speak by the Institut für Orientalistik, Universität Wien, and the Austrian Center for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies (ACIPSS)
Presentation: CARLOS in Wien: Geburtsstunde des ersten globalen Superterroristen

London, UK
16 June 2015

10 Years of Critical Terrorism Studies: Reflections on the Past, Prescriptions for the Future
BISA @40 Workshop
British International Studies Association (BISA) 40th Anniversary Conference 2015
Invited to speak by the BISA Critical Studies on Terrorism Working Group
Presenting: Critical Terrorism History: Terrorism History with a Critical Perspective or Historicization of Critical Terrorism Studies?

Geneva, Switzerland
7-8 May 2015

Conference States and Terrorism: An Ambivalent Relationship
Invited to speak by The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
Panel: The Cold War & Terrorism: Myths and Misinterpretations
Presenting: The Jackal Dissected: Carlos and the Myth of a Soviet Terrorist Conspiracy

Lexington, Kentucky
19-21 June 2014

SHAFR 2014 Annual Meeting
Invited to speak by The Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
Panel: State Perceptions of and Reactions to Terrorism in the 1970s and 1980s
Presenting: The Next Great Enemy? The Framing of ‘Terrorism’ by the Reagan Administration

Blaubeuren, Germany
13-15 September 2013

Threatened Order, Societies under Stress – Challenges, Concepts, Ideas during the Cold War of the 1970s & 1980s
Invited to speak by Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 923 of the Universität Tübingen
Panel: Legacies of the Cold War
Presenting: “The Terror Network Image: A Case of Hyperreality and Political Paranoia in the Second Cold War”

Basel, Switzerland
14 September 2013

Solutions to Peak Oil? Unconventional Oil and its Limits
Conference organizer for ASPO Switzerland: the focus of the conference is to critically analyze the opportunities and limitations of unconventional oil as a viable solution in the age after conventional peak oil.
Speakers include: Eric Nussbaumer (Nationalrat SP BL), Prof. Urs Muntwyler (El.Ing.HTL/University of Applied Sciences; Research focus: Photovoltaics), Dr. Werner Zittel (Physicist; Research focus: Energy Systems Technology), Alexandre Beaurieux (Dipl.-Geol, Energy Researcher)

Zurich, Switzerland
21 May 2012

New Energy Challenges on the Example of the Polish Shale Gas Projects
Invited to speak by the Government of Poland
Presenting: “Shale Gas: The Triangle of Economics, Ecology, and Geopolitics”

Fribourg, Switzerland
26-29 October 2011

Transnational Dimensions of Cold War Anticommunism: Actions, Networks, Transfers
Invited to speak by the University of Fribourg
Panel: Economics and Elites
Presenting: “A Global Crusade Against Communism: The Cercle and the 6I in the 1980s”

Paris, France
13-14 October 2011

Afghanistan and the English-Speaking World since 1979: from the Cold War to the Global War on Terror
Invited to speak by the Universite de Paris VIII
Panel: Pakistan and Afghanistan
Presenting: “Pakistani Godfather: The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the Afghan Taliban”