31 March 2019

Article on multilateral counterterrorism cooperation of the European intelligence and security services


The secret clubs of intelligence and security services: A look behind the scenes of counter-terrorism cooperation in Europe



The Diplomat

30 October 2018

Article in The Diplomat on the peace negotiations between the United States and the Afghan Taliban


Why Does Pakistan’s Release of a Key Taliban Leader Matter?

SRF Tagesschau

19 October 2018

Interview in the evening news of Swiss television on Russian spies in Switzerland and the Swiss intelligence service NDB.


Excerpt from Tagesschau, 19 October 2018


SRF 10vor10

17 September 2018

Interview in the late evening news of Swiss television on foreign espionage in Switzerland


Excerpt from 10vor10, 17 September 2018


History Talk podcast

July 2018

Appearance on the History Talk podcast, a production of Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective at Ohio State University and Miami University.


From the Cold War to the War on Terror



Neue Zürcher Zeitung

31 May 2018

Book review of Lutz Maeke, DDR und PLO: die Palästinapolitik des SED-Staates (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2017).


In der Logik des Kalten Krieges



Neue Zürcher Zeitung

14-15 November 2017

Article series by Marcel Gyr in the leading Swiss daily newspaper NZZ outlining the activities of the Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) in Switzerland – based on my yet unpublished research on ANO




Neue Zürcher Zeitung

10 March 2017

Interview given to the NZZ on the role of Zurich and Geneva for the preparation of terrorist attacks


“Das letzte Lager vor dem Gipfel”: Zürich als Terrorismus-Hub

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

10 March 2017

Article in the leading Swiss daily newspaper NZZ based on Adrian Hänni’s research on Zurich as a historical hub of international terrorism


Marcel Gyr, Top-Terrorist “Carlos”: Zürich als Drehscheibe des Terrorismus


March 2017

Article in the German monthly magazine Cicero on the case of Imam Musa Sadr or a four-decade feud that involves hijackings, kidnappings and an unresolved mystery.


Die Gespenster des Toten Imams 

Middle East Eye

2 February 2017

Article on Middle East Eye on the background of the December 2016 hijacking of Afriqiyah Airways 209
The case of Gaddafi’s playboy son and the missing imam

French version of the article, published on Middle East Eye on 6 February 2017
L’affaire du fils play-boy de Kadhafi et de l’imam disparu

Journal 21

21 June 2016

Op-ed in the Swiss online newspaper Journal 21 on the referendum in British history
Brexit-Abstimmung: Das Referendum in der britischen Geschichte


17 June 2016

Op-ed in the Swiss daily newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung on the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement in the propaganda of Al-Qaeda and ISIS
#SykesPicotOver: Das Geheimabkommen von 1916 und die IS-Propaganda

Le Temps

28 April 2016

Citations in the Swiss French daily newspaper Le Temps on a potential secret deal between Switzerland and the PLO
Bernard Wuthrich, Suisse-OLP: pas d’indices d’un pacte secret avec le terrorisme


12 April 2016

Interview in Blick am Abend and Blick on the threat of terrorist attacks at the EURO 2016

Radio Life Channel

31 March 2016

Interview with Radio Life Channel on the connection between oil and power in the Middle East
Info am Abend: Wie viel Macht hat Erdöl im Nahen Osten?