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Editorial and speaker topics include historical and contemporary analysis of intelligence, political violence, terrorism, propaganda, disinformation, informal diplomacy, secret elite networks, socio-political movements, and power structures.

Hänni has provided expert commentary and political analysis for international and Swiss media outlets, including Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland), SRF (Switzerland), The Guardian (UK), Middle East Eye (UK), ZDF (Germany), Cicero (Germany), SWR (Germany), Le Point (France), Sol (Portugal), Al Arabiya (Saudi Arabia), The Diplomat (USA), and CBS 60 Minutes (USA). Here is a select list of appearances.

“Wie Frankreich zu seinem Geheimabkommen mit dem Terroristen Abu Nidal kam”. Article exposing for the first time the full story of how the French government cut a secret deal with the terrorist Abu Nidal Organization (ANO).
The Diplomat
"Why Does Pakistan’s Release of a Key Taliban Leader Matter?" Article on the peace negotiations between the United States and the Afghan Taliban.
"Das letzte Lager vor dem Gipfel: Zürich als Terrorismus-Hub" by Marcel Gyr. Interview on the role of Zurich and Geneva for the preparation of terrorist attacks.
“Die Gespenster des Toten Imams”. Article in the German monthly magazine Cicero on the case of Imam Musa Sadr or a four-decade feud that involves hijackings, kidnappings and an unresolved mystery.
Middle East Eye
"The case of Gaddafi's playboy son and the missing imam". The current fate of Hannibal Gaddafi has its origins in a four-decade feud that involves hijackings, kidnappings and an unresolved mystery. Article on the background of the December 2016 hijacking of Afriqiyah Airways 209.
“#SykesPicotOver: Das Geheimabkommen von 1916 und die IS-Propaganda”. Article about the secret 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement and ISIS propaganda.
Schweizer Monat: Studio Libero

Switzerland (German)

Adrian Hänni über den Kampf gegen Terrorismus (episode #11)

Adrian Hänni talks about the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the role of intelligence services in the fight against terrorism, and the June 13, 2021 PMT vote in Switzerland.

Al Arabiya

Saudi Arabia (Arabic)

Austria reveals new Turkish spying operations on opponents of Erdogan

Interview to Raghida Bahnam on Al Arabiya about Turkish espionage activities in Austria.

SRF: Club

Switzerland (German)

Was lernen wir aus Cryptoleaks?

Studio panel guest in a 75-minute live discussion on the Cryptoleaks spy scandal, Swiss neutrality, and the activities of foreign intelligence services in Switzerland.

ZDF: Kulturzeit

Germany (German)

Adrian Hänni über die Neutralitätspolitik der Schweiz

Adrian Hänni talks with Kulturzeit about the implications of the “Crypto-Leaks” affair for Switzerland.

SRF: Tagesschau

Switzerland (German)

Nachrichtendienstchef spricht über russische Spione

Interview on Russian spies in Switzerland and the Swiss intelligence service NDB.

Unchain Your Mind: Episode 22

Switzerland (German)

Unchain Your Mind mit Adrian Hänni – Desinformation im Wandel der Zeit

Guest Adrian Hänni talks about disinformation and black propaganda.

SRF: 4x4 Podcast

Switzerland (German)


SRF 4 News celebrates its 15th anniversary and looks back at a job advertisement of a special kind: 15 years ago, the head of the intelligence service was advertised. Adrian Hänni, historian and intelligence expert, puts the unusual ad in retrospective perspective. Starts at 16:53.

SRF: News Plus

Switzerland (German)

Szenen wie im Film – wie echte Spione Staaten ausspionieren

A suspected Russian spy posed as a Brazilian researcher, and remained undetected for a year before being exposed in Norway. In the “News Plus” podcast, Adrian Hänni discusses this cinematic espionage case.

University of Newcastle

Australia (English)

Violence and Its Histories

Hänni appears in an episode of the podcast series developed by the Center for Study of Violence (CSoV) at the University of Newcastle, Australia, to discuss his work with Dr. Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen.

Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective

USA (English)

From Cold War to War on Terror
31 July 2018

Discussion about the historical context for today’s war on terror and the Cold War precedents that help explain where we’re at today.

History Talk podcasts are a production of Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective at the Goldberg Center in the Department of History at The Ohio State University and the Department of History at Miami University.

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