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Hänni is committed to supporting the next generation of scholars, as well as expanding access to historical knowledge among the broader public and other stakeholders outside academia.

Hänni has developed a track record of teaching excellence as a top evaluated lecturer at FernUni Schweiz (“Distance Learning University Switzerland”) and the University of Zurich, where he has been teaching classes on modern political history, political violence and historical science methods. He also reaches general audiences as a lecturer for Volkshochschule (“People’s University”) in Zurich.

At FernUni Schweiz, he was responsible for designing and building the Political History program. In order to increase diversity among the pool of students qualified for higher education, Hänni created both an admissions exam and an 8 month preparatory program to find promising candidates without high school degrees seeking to pursue a BA in Historical Sciences at FernUni.

The significance of FernUni in Switzerland

“Accelerated by a worldwide pandemic, academic institutions around the world are being forced to rethink the rigid and linear design of the traditional university model, starting with a reexamination of what success means for all stakeholders in today’s society.

At FernUni Schweiz – an online-first accredited university built from the ground up – I have a unique opportunity to help 1) redesign the university experience for the 21st century and 2) redefine preconceived notions of who has the opportunity to pursue high-quality higher education in Switzerland.”

– Dr. Adrian Hänni

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